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 bringing together neighbors who have a deep commitment to living cooperatively as friends...

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Mountain Cove Forest Festival 2006 - May PolePurpose: The Mountain Cove Social Committee exists to plan, coordinate, facilitate and provide its residents with at least four major recreational, community sponsored events annually. These events serve to provide an enriched living experience by bringing neighbors together in the spirit of community fun. Moreover, it is believed that holding these events will provide residents with a forum in which to build positive relationships with neighbors. The committee encourages all of its residents to take part in the planning and implementation of future events as it is indeed a wonderful opportunity to get to know your neighbors and participate in the making of events which shall prove memorable while helping to bring this wonderful community to life.

What's Involved: Residents are encouraged to be involved. Whether it is attending our fun meetings on a regular basis or just once in a while, or just helping with setting up/clean up of the community events. We can always use more help. Thank you!

Qualifications: Must be a resident of Mountain Cove, CA 91702.

Cost To Join: Free.

Membership Dues: None.



Building A Close Knit Community

Bringing the people in our community together who have a deep commitment to living cooperatively as friends.

Quality of life

Offering residents an old-fashioned sense of neighborhood. Residents know their neighbors very well and there is a strong sense of community that is absent in contemporary cities and suburbs. It is a close-knit neighborhood that seeks a healthy blend of privacy and community. Knowing all our neighbors, we will have an excellent neighborhood watch system built in to our communities, as someone who does not belong in the community is very easily recognized. If your child falls off a bike when he or she is out of your immediate sight line, another adult will surely pick him or her up. Then there's more than one person to watch out for the property of an absent resident.


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