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Sep - Water Test, Golden Days, Bats
Oct - Landscaping, Halloween Fair, Skunks
Nov - Cell Phones, Thanksgiving, Bears
Dec - Winter Solstice, Scorpions

The Mountain Times was established in
September, 2002 for the benefit of
Mountain Cove's residents and the City of Azusa.




Jan - Azusa Schools, Coyotes, Pretzels
Feb - Early Spring, Design Review, Squirrels
Mar - Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's, Tree Frogs
Apr - Spring Faire, Earth Day, Mule Deer
May - Mardi Gras, Mother's Day, Hawks
Jun - Azusa Development, Rattlesnakes
Jul - School District, Diabetes, Mosquitoes
Aug - Monrovia Nursery, Black Widow
Sep - Water Tax, Wines, California Newt
Oct - AUSD, Voting Block, Red Mound Ants
Nov - Schools Improve, American Badger
Dec - Holiday Hijinks, Santa, Caribou




Jan - Homework House, Gold Like, Resolutions
Feb - Azusa School Tours, Arbor Day, Cajun Spice
Mar - Disaster Response, Azusa's Future, Colcannon
Apr - Spring Festival, Loon, Hot Crossed Buns
May - Azusans Did, Doggy Droppings, Tortillas
Jun - Forest Plans, Onion Pie, Western Swallowtail
Jul - No Newsletter... Sorry!
Aug - West Nile Virus, Giant Water Bug, Miso Soup
Sep - Social Committee, Neighborhood Watch, Firani
Oct - Scavenger Haunt, Bone Candy, Woodpeckers
Nov - Homework House, Thanksgiving Ice Cream
Dec - Cookie Exchange, Common Grey Fox, Bibinka




Jan - New Year's Resolutions, Quail, Wonton Soup
Feb - Azusa Election, Bobcat, Spinach Timbales
Mar - Homework House Auction, Lizard, Spring Frittata
Jun - Siren Alert, Mark Martin Memorial
Jul - Happy Days, Potroast,  Homework House
Aug - Luau, Kit Fox, Chicken Breast Hawaiian



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