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A Cove of Tranquility

Mountain Cove is beautiful, but what makes this community truly special are the people that live here. The residents of Mountain Cove make this community what it is. Our neighbors are more than just neighbors...they are friends. We especially appreciate it when our neighbors get involved in the community in which they live. We have several community events throughout the year.

Living in a natural cove of the foothills provides a vibrant community connection. In this niche, carved out by time and careful hand, Mountain Cove cradles a way of life: rustic, refined, a private habitat of natural tranquility.

Nature has created a special space amid the majesty of the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument (aka: the Angeles National Forest). Mountain Cove's three collections are woven into a handsomely textured tapestry of community life. Paths within the neighborhoods connect one to another, linking you to friends and private recreation. A panoramic overlook takes you to the top of the community to enjoy a stunning view. The trails offer the natural refreshment of biking or hiking. And around the perimeter of Mountain Cove, the San Gabriel River winds through nature as it has for centuries. Like Nature herself, everything about Mountain Cove reveals a sense of balance, charm and enrichment.

Event Event Date Time Set-up
2020 Event Calendar
Egg Hunt   10:15am  
Music In The Cove   8:30pm-10:30pm  
Luau Saturday, August 15th 6pm-9pm  
Halloween Town Saturday, October 24th 6pm-8pm  
Cookie Exchange Sunday, December 5th 2pm-5pm  
(The above scheduled dates are subject to change as necessary.)





Between the Earth & Sky
and the River & Forest
Lies A Special Place to Call Home


Being such a special place to live, it can be difficult to purchase a home here. Neighbors frequently get letters from realtors telling us that they have a specific buyer wanting to pay top dollar for our homes. The problem is, most of us love it here and don't want to leave. It is one of those very rare gems in the San Gabriel Valley that cannot be duplicated.

Located in one of the most beautiful and unique canyons in Southern California. Mountain Cove is located approximately 15 minutes East of Pasadena. It is a very special place to get away from the city without moving away from it. Every time you turn that bend into the canyon, you know that you have left the hectic pace of life in LA for a relaxing retreat that you can call home. Mountain Cove has over 320 homes. The homes were built by the Orange County division of Standard Pacific Homes which, after mergers, is now known as Lennar Homes with 3 developments:

Copperwoods (3,233-3,691 sq. ft.) Spanish, Cottage, Craftsman architecture.
Sagewoods (2,648-3,178 sq. ft.) Spanish, Traditional, Craftsman architecture.
Wildwoods (2,160-2,580 sq. ft.) Spanish, Traditional, Craftsman Bungalow architecture.

A total of 9 floor plans and 3 elevations for each floor plan with each having a variety of colors, bricks, and stone. Each development offered a different set of amenities. All homes are well built. The Sagewoods have higher basic standards that Wildwoods. The Copperwoods have higher basic standards than both Sagewoods and Wildwoods. It is also common for Mountain Cove homeowners to add many upgrades to their homes.

This private gated community is surrounded by the Angeles National Forest (wildlife), the San Gabriel River (water birds), and has Robert's (Seasonal) Creek running through it. It has its own community park, community Woods Lodge, pool, Jacuzzi, trails and community events.

During seasons with very heavy rain, we usually get natural waterfalls along the canyon walls of the Cove. It is a wonderful thing to see.

The San Gabriel River Bike Trail begins at Mountain Cove and goes all the way down to the Pacific Ocean.


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